Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many hours is the internship?ICSD Logo 2019

A:  Internships are 40 – 65 hours per semester, including their in-class preparation activities.

Q: Is the internship during school hours?

A:  Students will intern during their assigned class period every other school day, but hours can be flexible depending on student schedules and employer needs.

Q: Is this a paid or an unpaid internship?

A:  Typically, this is an unpaid internship.  The student receives school credit for the internship.

Q: Who covers the insurance?

A: Utah Senate Bill 28 states a student will not be subject to an employer’s worker’s compensation benefits if the student is in fact an intern under the definition of the bill. An intern is a student enrolled in a school-sponsored career exploration program under Section 53A-28-102 (or 53B-16-402 for a student sponsored by an institution of higher education) which involves both classroom instruction and work experience for which the student receives no compensation.  The student will be covered under the district’s worker’s compensation policy.

Q: What are the internship provider’s responsibilities?

  • Conduct hiring interview with the student
  • Sign training agreement
  • Provide time to orient, train, and provide safety instruction for students
  • Create meaningful  learning opportunities for the student
  • Evaluate student performance periodically
  • Consult school supervisor regarding problems related to the work experience
  • Conform to state and federal labor laws
  • Verify and sign attendance and/or time records, as required